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Aerial photography brings whole new perspective to things.  The imagery and viewpoint from above can be breathtaking, as well as offer a better understanding of a variety of situations.  We have the ability to reach places never before achievable.


Bonneville Salt Flats.png

Im Adventurous Andy and I own and operate Nomad Drone. I was a huge fan of Huell Howser and his shows on all the great areas in California.  I travel and create unique short episodes similar to what Huell Howser did, but with a unique perspective. I am a former Private Investigator with over 16 years experience in photography.  Creating unique and informative content is something I am passionate about.  I also do other types of drone work, from real estate, inspections, agriculture, mapping, construction, search and rescue, film production, personal, as well as unique shots. 

Subscribe to my YouTube channel, Nomad Adventures TV to see my many adventures.


One of the best things about this job is all the unique and cool places I stay.  I have a number of memberships that I use to plan my travel, and save a ton of money.  One of my favorites is Harvest Hosts.  They have over 1400 locations at wineries, breweries, farms, museums, and golf courses all over the US, Canada and Mexico.  This alone adds a completely new experience to my already amazing lifestyle.  Have a look at Harvest Hosts and see if it might add a whole new and amazing element to your travels.

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